Meet Blair Mitcham


Self Proclaimed Olivia Pope of Weddings & Snack Queen


I worked on the Cape with a catering company for most of my summers. This was the hardest, most rewarding work. I never realized how important it was and how I would get to where I was today. Thinking back about my journey into owning my own business I feel we are taught you have to start at the bottom and work your way to the top. 

When I got married in 2013; I knew I wanted to work in the live events industry and to get somewhere I had to start small. I found a wedding planning course at the local community college and found an association to be a part of. Launching my small business in 2015 was scary. I was working in a different industry and slowly building my company until I was ready to go all in. 

During this time I also found a catering company to work with as well as other planners who were looking for onsite assistance. 

I have been lucky enough to use my skills for tented weddings and heavy logistical weddings. These weddings truly come second nature to me and we enjoy them so much.